A Bus Full Of Tourists Crashed The Oscars And No Celeb Was Safe

So little time, so many selfies

A group of very lucky tourists visiting Los Angeles got the surprise of a lifetime Sunday (February 26) at the Academy Awards. They probably crossed their fingers, hoping to bump into someone famous on the street during their vacation, but instead, they walked into the Dolby Theatre and bumped into the 2017 Oscar nominees. Casual.

Expecting to enter a museum, they stepped inside the theater phones first, documenting every priceless moment. Host Jimmy Kimmel led them across the front row, introducing everyone to Meryl Streep, Ryan Gosling, Nicole Kidman, and more of your faves.

"Can they touch the Oscar?" Kimmel asked Mahershala Ali, who won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Moonlight. Kimmel even suggested rubbing it, as if some enlightened Hollywood genie would emerge and grant their every wish.

It's unclear how many tourists took him up on that recommendation, but at least one couple (one-half of which was Gary from Chicago) was held up by Denzel Washington, who was marrying them right there in front of the damn stage. What happens at the Oscars stays at the Oscars.