Catfish Sneak Peek: Nev And Max Don't Trust This Season's Very First Victim

The digital detectives aren't mincing words in the premiere episode

Nev and Max have been conned before by a Catfish victim -- so is history going to repeat itself when the hit series returns?

In a sneak peek from the upcoming premiere -- which airs one week from today! -- the digital detectives meet with love hopeful Shawny to discuss her case. More specifically, the serious-looking silver fox declares they need to have a "real talk" (uh-oh, that can't be good).

"There have been people who have come on the show who claim to have never met the person that they ended up talking to, but then it turned out that they knew them all along," Max firmly explains in the clip above, while Nev adds that Shawny's version of events seems "unusual." A common adjective on this program...

With that, the MTV guys open up the forum for Shawny to come clean. So how does she respond? Watch the video to find out -- and don't miss the episode on Wednesday, March 1 at 8/7c!