There's A New Purge Movie On The Way Because Of Course There Is

The carnage didn't stop after 'Election Year'? You don't say

The Purge trilogy seemed to reach a conclusion with 2016's oh-so-aptly titled Election Year, but nope: The horror series will continue, and it picked Independence Day for its debut, at that.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Universal and Purge producers Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes are working on a follow-up to Election Year. July 4, 2018 is set for the release date.

Given how strong the parallels were between Election Year and the current events surrounding its spell in theaters, it wouldn't be a huge leap to think that the post-election world we find ourselves in will play a hand in shaping the next Purge picture in a way that winks — or, more appropriately stares, dead-eyed, through a murderous mask — at its patriotic release date.

James DeMonaco — who directed The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, and Election Year — has signed on to write the script for the forthcoming feature. He's not directing this one, but will have a hand in choosing who fills the director's chair.