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Kim Kardashian's Closet Is Now Her Own Personal Fashion Museum

Except for the shoes — those are going to North, eventually

Kim Kardashian has a number of now-iconic garments hanging in her closet, and she's finally getting around to organizing them — or "archiving them" — as if these dresses were the artwork and textiles at any given fine arts museum. The Louvre may have the Mona Lisa, but Kim's still got the white gown she wore on the cover of Vogue, and she's gonna treat it like the masterpiece it is.

Think about it: You picture the red carpet of any major event in the last few years, and a few memorable looks worn by Kim will likely stand out in your mind. From her Met Gala looks to her Grammy garb to any given red carpet ensemble in between, she's kept a whole lot of them, and she walked her Snapchat followers through her most notable ones when she took a break from this (huge, let's be honest) project.

Every single dress is labeled with the event and the year, and she flips through tons of familiar frocks with ease. (We see you, 2014 VMAs mini!)

Her shoes got the "archiving" treatment, too, and Kim mentioned that she rescued some of them from the clean sweep Kanye West gave her closet. "I kept it all secretly for my daughter one day!" she says, running through a line of Louboutins and sky-high heels, including one gold, studded pair that she pointed out to North.

"I saved them for you! Do you like them? They're so glittery, like Cinderella!" North was mildly impressed and approved of the kicks before running off to the potty, so yeah — it'll likely be a few years before she realizes how epic these literal golden slippers are. Good thing they'll be labeled and dated so she'll know exactly where to find them.