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Kim Kardashian Wasn't Kidding When She Called This List Of KKW Facts 'Weird'

Behold, the strangest game of Kardashian trivia ever

Given that we've been watching Kim Kardashian eat salads, get in sibling squabbles, drive all over Los Angeles, and show us even the most boring of scenes from her un-private life for a decade-plus on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it's a little surprising to find out there are still a ton of items on the Things We Don't Know About Kim list.

Chalk this one up to a win for Kim, as she just released a ton of info about her that we've never heard before, and, yeah — to say some of these random factoids are "weird" would be an understatement, as "Kim Kardashian hates cardboard with the fiery passion of a thousand suns" isn't really something that comes up in conversation all too often.

So she has a thing for keeping her nails perfect, fine. She and Kourtney Kardashian took Spanish together and swapped cars once, okay. Where things get weird is when Kim starts throwing a bunch of answers to questions we'd never ask out there, like "I used to never be scared of bees and always wanted to hold them and play with them and I never got stung" (what) and "I have a freckle on my eyeball" (cool?) and "I know the alphabet in sign language" (👍).

Also noted: A bunch of things she hates, from the cardboard sleeves that keep your hands from burning on your Starbucks order to cilantro to air conditioning. "I love only hot rooms and hate when the air conditioning is on," she wrote. "I knew Kanye and I were meant to be when I slept over and he had the heat on."

True love can take the heat, clearly. Feel free to print out this fact sheet and bring it with you to your next game of Kardashian Trivia.

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