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Shawn Mendes Joins Chance The Rapper To Give Satan A Swirlie On His ‘All We Got’ Cover

He’s trying his hand at production while he’s at it, too

Shawn Mendes doesn't see competition in other artists. He just sees boundless inspiration, and sometimes he even takes that inspiration to its natural end and covers Chance the Rapper for our listening pleasure.

The Canadian singer posted a new cover of Chance's "All We Got" to his SoundCloud, whisking away the bad vibes hanging over our week. Shawn's take on the track reins in some of the original's twitchy energy, but wraps its relentless optimism in a smooth, piano-driven package.

Even though there's no Kanye cameo on this particular recording of "All We Got," Shawn makes it all his own. He even produced the track — a new skill he's building now that he's got singing, piano, and guitar on lock.