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Young Thug Accidentally Made The Most Unique Music Video For ‘Wyclef Jean’

Sometimes a disaster becomes a masterpiece

Not every music video shoot goes as planned, but it's hard to imagine another video going as spectacularly wrong as Young Thug's new one for "Wyclef Jean."

The artist also known as Jeffery co-directed the new clip with Ryan Staake of Pomp & Clout, but the two directors never actually met. Staake shot a bunch of footage based on a treatment he'd received from Thugger, and Thugger shot some footage on his own. Though Young Thug had scheduled time on Staake's set, he never actually filmed with the director.

So what's a director to do when the star of his video's a no-show? Shoot reels like nothing's wrong and hope it all comes together in post. In the case of "Wyclef Jean," that meant making a video about the video that Staake was supposed to make.

Though it's not the kiddie car–fueled extravaganza Thug originally had in mind, the meta-video is something of a masterpiece all its own.