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Drake Bell Wishes Miranda Cosgrove Was Still Making Music


It's been nearly 6 years since Miranda Cosgrove dropped her last EP, High Maintenance, and seemingly took a break from working to attend college at the University of Southern California. And while we applaud her focus on education, we also want new music to jam out to, since we've worn out the likes of "Kissin U," "Dancing Crazy," and "About You Now."

On Friday (January 13), her Drake & Josh co-star, Drake Bell, shared a fun throwback video of the TV siblings rocking out to "Leave It All to Me," a.k.a the theme to iCarly, which they recorded together back in the day.

During Cosgrove's 2011 performance at Club Nokia, Bell joined her up on stage as fans cheered in the crowd. Of the video, Bell said he "was honored" to be Cosgrove's guest, and "wish[es] she kept making music." Same, Drake. Same. He also added, "Loved her stuff and had fun writing and playing on it!" — which, again, same.

While Cosgrove may not have any new music out, Bell released his song, "Honest," earlier this month, and teased another called "Rewind." Maybe if he'd hurry up and find Walter already, we'd have that fourth album already.