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Derek From Life With Derek Lost Half His Head (On TV, That Is)

Michael Seater shares pics of his insane makeup on ‘Murdoch Mysteries’

Michael Seater, best known for playing Derek Venturi on Life with Derek, has lost his brain. Well, sort of.

On the most recent episode of Murdoch Mysteries, Seater reprised his villainous role of James Gillies, who had been presumed dead. After the episode aired, Seater shared two behind-the-scenes pics featuring the insane makeup he donned for his character's ultimate demise. It'll definitely make you do a double take.

In a clip that the show's official Twitter shared Tuesday (January 10), Seater said of his character, "I know a few times we thought he was gone, but when you see that brain get pulled out of the skull by Ogden [Joy], I think you get a pretty good sense of, 'That's it.'" Of course, some fans don't believe he's actually dead, despite the whole brain-out-of-skull thing. Based on the pics, he looks pretty dead to us.