Pretty Little Liars Will Finally Get The Musical Number We’ve Been Waiting For

Plus, take a look at the surprising first clip from the ‘PLL’ midseason premiere

If Pretty Little Liars was a Taylor Swift song, it would be "Out of the Woods," because these girls just can't catch a break. With Noel d-e-a-d and Jenna seemingly missing in action, the Liars thought they were out of the woods — until a mysterious box showed up on Spencer's front door.

In a clip from the show's midseason premiere, A.D. has an ominous, albeit brief, message for the Liars: "It's playtime." We know how much the unidentified creep loves games, but this is getting a little excessive. "Noel's dead, but somebody else is out there," Alison says, to which Hanna adds, "Out there and just as crazy." Leave it to Hanna to be the smart one here.

If this clip is any indication, the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars are going to be the craziest by far as the beloved Freeform series races toward the finish line. On Tuesday (January 10), the cast and creators hit the stage for their last appearance at the TV Critics' Association winter press tour, and executive producer Marlene King revealed that the final season will include a one-year time jump. She didn't announce specifically when the time jump will occur, only adding, "Before [the show] ends."

But that's not all. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick told reporters that after seven seasons, he was finally able to make a PLL musical number happen. "All of them have incredible talents and singing happens to be one of them," Goldstick said. "And I thought it was a shame that we didn't utilize that and we found a way to platform it in the last 10 episodes." Now this is fan-service we can get behind.

Honestly, if the finale features a musical number and the entire series is revealed to be a fever dream we wouldn't even be mad.

Pretty Little Liars returns for its final season on April 18, 2017 on Freeform.