Jeff Hahne/Getty

Shawn Mendes Played A Romantic Unreleased Song At His Friend’s Wedding

He co-wrote ‘Try My Best’ with the groom

Shawn Mendes may have sold out Madison Square Garden, but he's still making time for more private performances. Last weekend, he whipped out his guitar at his friend Matt's wedding, where he performed a new original song called "Try My Best" for the newlyweds' first dance.

"So technically I'm not the only writer on this song," the Illuminate singer-songwriter announced. "Matt and I both wrote this for you, Catherine, so I hope you love it." (Catherine's the bride, obviously.)

According to Billboard, the tune's romantic lyrics are based on a love letter Matt wrote to Catherine. The wedding guests shared videos of the performance across social media, but this professional clip from 618 Studios beautifully captures the moment.

By this point, Mendes is a pro at love songs — "Treat You Better," "Mercy," and "Stitches" all follow the same lovelorn themes — so he's an excellent choice for both happy occasions (weddings, proposals) and sad (breakups). He may be too busy to show up for an in-person serenade as he did here, but hey, that's what streaming services are for.