Sergi Alexander/FilmMagic)

Bella Thorne Will Date As Many Men And Women As She Wants, Thanks


A good Internet rule of thumb is to avoid the comments, generally, even when — especially when — they get personal. Sometimes the temptation to put a hater in their place with a response is there, and Bella Thorne was quick to correct someone when the topic of her love life came up.

Thorne is bisexual, and has been open about it since she and ex Gregg Sulkin broke up back in August. She was spotted on Snapchat smooching a gal shortly after their split, but that seemed to have been lost on some of Thorne's Twitter followers when someone made a remark about her dating life.

If you make a point to ask "how many guys can Bella Thorne possibly date in a year," hey! It's not so complicated, as there's no limit or rulebook for that sort of thing, and Thorne is more than happy to set the record straight. She dates men and women, and she won't necessarily be seeing dudes exclusively in 2017.

So, in closing, a reminder: She can see whoever she wants, whenever she wants, as anyone can, really — and she doesn't even mind if you keep track, either.