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Ed Sheeran Wants You To Stuff Your Ear Holes With His Music, Pretty Much

He's overwhelmed by the response to 'Shape of You' and 'Castle on the Hill'

On January 6, Ed Sheeran pulled back the curtain on his first new songs in what feels like forever — and he's really bowled over by how they're going over with his devoted Sheerios near and far.

"Shape of You" and "Castle on a Hill" together give a good indication of just how stylistically varied ÷, his next album, will be, and he took a minute to thank his fans for the overwhelming response to his first two singles since his x days.

"Truly overwhelmed with the reaction to these new songs," he posted. "I've never had anything like this, thank you for all your wonderful messages. Now please blast [the new songs] as loud as you can from any speaker you can find, as many times as you can!"

You heard him: Go get make your neighbors mad (or thrilled, if they're Sheeran fans) and get a noise complaint from cranking "Shape of You" up to 11 or until your earbuds give out or your speakers revolt.

We still don't know what the deal with ÷ is beyond "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill" — we don't know when the new album is coming, we just know it'll arrive sooner vs. later — but at least we know he's almost as excited about it as his dear pal, Taylor Swift:

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