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Chance The Rapper Thinks Your Fave Kanye West Album Is Problematic

Spoiler alert: Your fave is wrong unless it rhymes with ‘Great Legislation’

Chance the Rapper worships the ground that Kanye West walks on, and has, pretty much, since the elder Chicago rapper's music worked its way into his headphones.

As such, he has opinions about West's best and worst work, and he's very eager to tell you about them — passionately — should he disagree with yours.

Complex released their ranking of West's best albums, and Chance is displeased. Upset, even. “Tyra Banks screaming at Tiffany from America's Next Top Model” levels of anger. To refresh your memory re: "WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!," etc.:

Chance thinks that Late Registration was unfairly judged by Complex's critics, and thus reveals that it's hardly his pick for eighth place on the list. In fact, it's his fave. Both Complex and Chance agree that The Life of Pablo should sit pretty at No. 6, though.

No one uses that Tyra GIF unless the occasion truly calls for it, so listen to Chance, revisit your logic, and give Late Registration a spin ASAP.