Pretty Little Liars’ Final Season Trailer — Breaking It Down One Gasp At A Time

Wren is back, Spencer's out for blood, and Aria's totally clueless in the final 10 episodes

There's a lot to unpack in the first teaser for the final season of Pretty Little Liars. Spencer is alive and, well, understandably upset; Ezra is being dark and foreboding; phones are exploding; Aria is screaming; Emily looks lost and confused; and Hanna has forgotten how to spell. Sounds like a typical day in Rosewood!

Not to mention the whole lot of creepy stuff going on here — mysterious packages, texts from A.D., car trunks being ominously slammed, people in black hoodies sneaking out of dark corners, and hey, there's even a dead body. The final 10 episodes are going to be one wild ride full of murder and mayhem, especially if Spencer puts that heavy rock to good use.

Honestly, we wouldn't expect anything less from Pretty Little Liars' final season. So let's take a look at some of the gasp-worthy moments from the teaser trailer and see what we can decipher.

  • Spencer is alive!

    As if this wasn't the worst-kept secret in PLL history, Spencer survived her gunshot wound from A.D. — and now she's mad as hell. In the promo, she angrily confronts someone off camera: "You have ruined everything I ever had." While it's easy to assume she's talking to A.D., let's not forget that her biological mom, Mary Drake, also deserves a major tongue-lashing.

  • And she's got a rock.

    So it sounds like she's smashing some glass, but in my headcanon, she's really smashing A.D.'s face in. Too much? Maybe.

  • Wren is back!

    Correction: Wren is back and his head is shaved, which somehow only makes him more suspect. It makes sense that Wren would be hanging with Spencer in Season 7. After all, they always did have a, uh, special bond. Hopefully we'll finally learn why Wren left Melissa in London to help Charlotte.

  • Ezra is being a total fuckboy.

    Are Aria and Ezra still on the rocks? "There are things that have been done that can't be forgiven," Ezra tells his fiancée in the promo. Is Ezra talking about that time he kissed his ex (who conveniently turned out not dead after all) in a moment of spontaneous passion? Probably. There's no way he doesn't come clean to Aria about it in the final 10 episodes. That being said, Ezria's walk down the aisle might be in jeopardy. (LOL. Just kidding.)

  • Jenna is still a thing we have to worry about.

    One of the Liars' chief tormenters since the very beginning is back to plAy for #PLLEndGame. The last time we saw Jenna, she was chasing the girls with a gun and introducing herself to the one and only A.D. Clearly, A.D. didn't send Jenna packing because she's back in Rosewood and facing off against Caleb, who does not look like he has any patience for Jenna's trifling ways. Will we finally find out what the hell Jenna's deal has been for the past seven seasons? Probably not. But hopefully we'll be able to make some sense of Jenna's erratic behavior.

  • Hanna and Caleb are going strong.

    Or at least it looks that way in the promo. They look so cozy together!

  • But what is Hanna doing standing over that body?

    Hanna has never been one to sit around and wait for someone else to do the sleuthing. This is the same woman who, last season alone, faked a vacation, kidnapped someone, and was prepared to torture him until he gave her the answers she needed. It looks like all of those true-crime novels in Season 6 really rubbed off on her. So it's not that surprising to find Hanna, in rubber gloves, opening what looks like a bodybag in Lucas's loft. OK, maybe that is a tiny bit surprising, because WHO'S IN THE BAG?

  • Aria is still clueless.

    There's a moment in the teaser when Aria says, "This can't be real," while opening a mysterious gift from A.D. Aria, girl, you've literally been chased, harassed, nearly killed (multiple times!), locked inside a crate with a dead body, and trapped inside of an IRL dollhouse by a psycho stalker — HOW CAN YOU SAY "THIS CAN'T BE REAL?" This isn't amateur hour, Aria. Get your shit together.