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Blake Lively Thankfully Revoked Ryan Reynolds’s Baby-Naming Privileges

Excalibur Anaconda? C’mahn.

Naming a kid isn’t a small thing, and it’s hardly something a parent takes lightly. And that is exactly why Blake Lively should keep Ryan Reynolds as far away from the “NAME” field on the birth certificates of the adorable babies they make together from here on out, because he once thought about naming his child Excalibur Anaconda.

EXCALIBUR. ANACONDA. First of all, look at all those syllables. Secondly: Dude. Deadpool was great and all, but Deadpool would name his child Excalibur Anaconda because he is funny and ridiculous and mean, and Deadpool is a fictional character. Thankfully, Reynolds was just joking about that, but don’t even put that possibility out there, man!

In an interview with CTV’s eTalk, Reynolds — who recently celebrated the birth of his second daughter with Lively — opened up about his growing family, how there’s “more love” and “more diapers” to contend with, and how he loves watching his toddler, James, interact with her baby sister. (“I’m doing my part to just wipe men off the face of the planet,” he cracked.)

As for the moniker of Baby Lively-Reynolds, Lively “resoundingly rejected” Excalibur Anaconda, a suggestion he jokingly made back when they were expecting James. Reynolds suggested they name their little one that, but with “all the letters in the name being silent.” Still no dice. They settled on the perfect one, though, even though we’re still not sure what that perfect name is.

In short, Reynolds: Good at acting and being a Marvel icon in the making; bad at naming babies unless you want your kid to be called something that sounds like a drunk Mad Libs attempt.