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Prince Harry Hath No Royal Chill While Meeting Rihanna

‘I, too, am four, five seconds from wiling’

Given that whole royalty thing, you would think that Prince Harry — who has to shake the hands of famous people on the regular, and in formalwear straight out of a Disney movie half the time — wouldn't get starstruck.

And then he met Rihanna.

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Look at that face! That's not the face of a normal royal, that's the face of a cool royal, the kind that pays attention to the world — and the music that keeps it moving — outside of the walls of their palace. While in Barbados, Riri's home turf, on a trip to the Caribbean on behalf of his grandmother the Queen, Harry hung out with the pop superstar on a few occasions. The first of which was a formal greeting (pictured above) during the Toast to the Nation ceremony on November 30.

They also sat together at a concert marking the 50th anniversary of Barbados's independence from Britain, but Harry and Rihanna didn't just pal around at fancy events: They also used their celebrity for good, and took a moment on World AIDS Day to raise awareness for HIV testing.

Also, Rihanna is probably the only person on the planet who can downplay hanging with Harry. When asked about spending time together, Ri was wryly blunt about how her day started: "His security just showed up at my place and dragged me out of bed and here I am!" (That quick quip didn't discount how passionate they are about the cause, though, and how easy it was for them both to get tested.)

Honestly, being a prince is rad enough as it is, but getting to hang with Rihanna while on a Caribbean work trip? Those are some serious job perks, and Harry seems to be enjoying them immensely.