2016 Was Rihanna’s Coziest Year Ever

Queen of Coats

We didn’t see this year coming, but we heard it from all sides. In Signal & Noise 2016, you’ll find the way we made sense out of all of that sound.

As this unpredictable year comes to a close, let us reflect on the one constant source of positivity in our lives: Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She kicked off 2016 by releasing her long-anticipated album, ANTI, which became the soundtrack to her subsequent fashion milestones — like her music, Rihanna's style is thoughtful and carefully curated but never feels like it's trying too hard. It's the details that make her outfits so distinctly Rihanna, from her jewelry to her shoes to the ever-changing color of her nails and hair.

This year, Rihanna's style collaborations were mostly accessories, like her Manolo Blahnik shoes, the Fenty X Puma sneakers and slides that sold out almost immediately, and a collection of sunglasses with Dior.

But might I go out on an over-the-knee-boot-wearing limb and say that Rihanna's greatest style achievement this year was ... becoming the coziest woman on Earth? When she gets dressed for any and all weather, Rihanna's priority is attaining the most luxurious warmth possible.

For proof, allow me to revisits some highlights from this year.

  • January 7

    Rihanna wore an oversized Vetements peacoat while, allegedly, leaving her dentist's office. If there is anything more uncomfortable than sitting in the dentist's chair, it's going outside without proper outerwear. Thankfully, Rihanna practices good weather preparedness and dental hygiene.

  • February 12

    At the runway show for her debut Fenty X Puma collection, Rihanna showed off her ability to make even a giant velour sweatsuit look appropriate for a red carpet.

  • March 28

    Only Rihanna could make looking like an actual Easter egg on Easter Sunday look so cool.

  • April 1

    Receiving the Rock Star Award at the BET Black Girls Rock Awards, Rihanna opted for an oversized Miu Miu fur coat and button-down instead of a ballgown.

  • April 5

    Once again, Rihanna repped her own Puma collection with a dress-length sweatshirt.

  • May 27

    Here we see the artist achieving Maximum Cozy Levels with a luxe robe, sunglasses from her own Dior collection, and Fenty X Puma fur slides.

  • August 20
    Splash Images

    Yes that's right: Rihanna wore the biggest coat you've ever seen in 69 degree weather. Which, like, if you think about it, isn't thaaat hot. Rihanna is an island girl, after all. And OK, maybe it's not the biggest coat you've ever seen, but I don't make the rules. Rihanna does.

  • September 5

    Shortly after tearing out Drake's heart, Rihanna wore it out on the town. JK, that's a Yves Saint Laurent fur jacket.

  • September 15

    This look is cozy! If you don't believe me, listen to Rihanna herself, who captioned this photo "cozy."

  • October 2

    Fhkbgkfgnjgkfflkngfkjsnlg ... oh sorry that was just me collapsing upon my keyboard out of sheer adoration for Rihanna's committment to giant puffer coats.

  • November 1

    Once again, Rihanna stepped out in a coat of her own design that's as cozy as it is a functional tool for blocking out the sight of paparazzi.

  • December 6 Is it just me or does this Burberry coat look like the chicest possible way to feel like a human Ugg boot?

Aaaand we're barely even into December! I can't wait to see the innovative ways Rihanna will find to stay cozy in 2017.

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