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Beyoncé Would Fall Crazy In Love With This Hamilton Mashup

We already have

What happens when you combine Beyoncé songs with Hamilton jams? Sheer, unadulterated brilliance, that’s what.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s highly successful Broadway musical has been mashed up with various things, including High School Musical, Star Wars, and even The Room. But Michael Korte didn’t want to throw away his shot, gathering several friends to jam out to Beyoncé and Hamilton tunes, affectionately calling it “#Ham4Bey.”

“When I first became obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack over a year ago, the obvious nod to Destiny’s Child through the Schuyler Sisters had me thinking there must be a way to connect both of these titans,” Korte told MTV News.

“After the election results, I knew what we were doing was all that more important and relevant — art made by people of color and queer people highlighting people of color and queer people celebrating a musical and an artist that does both those things,” he said.

Jared Jenkins arranged the piece, and the group — which features India Carney, Vincint, Mariah Maxwell, Jej Millanes, Kelly Margareth Lee, and Jamond McCoy — performed Hamilton’s “Helpless” with Bey’s “Countdown,” “My Shot” with “Survivor,” and more in the seven-minute video. Is it too late to add these to the Hamilton mixtape dropping next month? Check out the amazing video above and get ready to fall crazy in love with it.