Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Sarah Jessica Parker Brings Back One Of Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Iconic Looks

Where’s the bus tho

It’s been over a decade since the season finale of Sex and the City aired, but that doesn’t really matter: Sarah Jessica Parker will always be Carrie Bradshaw, and she recently rocked an update of one of the most recognizable outfits from the beloved series.

In the original SATC intro sequence, Parker wears a muscle tank and tiered tutu ensemble that stays perfectly pink before a bus drives by and soaks her. You know the clip, and you know the outfit: Those 45 seconds have zero dialogue, and yet it’s a great glimpse into a complicated character who looks just as stylish walking down Fifth Avenue as she does when she’s screaming obscenities at a moving vehicle.

Fast-forward to 2016: SJP dresses up in the literal silhouette of that SATC intro, and the look is refreshingly modern and just as gorgeous on her in black.

The lines, the layers of tulle, the band at the waist — it’s a perfect foil to the original, and the throwback vibe is driven home thanks to the setting, too. (That may as well be Carrie’s UES stoop in the background.)

SJP recently launched a line of LBDs for Bloomingdales, and this is the first style from the range that debuted last month.

So good news, SATC fans: If you’ve been trying to recreate that look since you first saw it, now’s your chance to snap up the shadowy 2016 version.