Who's To Blame For Their Real World Relationship Roadblock: Theo or Tyara?

Both have confessed feelings for each other, but neither seems ready to commit

The Emerald City saw some real relationship gray area on tonight’s Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, but when it comes to Theo and Tyara, who’s to blame for the would-be couple’s relationship stalemate?

After weeks of switching up roles in a dizzying game of romantic cat and mouse, the two seemed to hit a wall. Tya said that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t seem to get Theo to buckle down and be forthcoming with his feelings. She insisted his wishy-washiness had begun to hurt, and she was tired of banging her head against the wall.

“I’ve never been wrapped up with a guy like this ever in my entire life,” Tya said. “I’m making myself look stupid, and I’m altering and changing myself, which is the last thing you should do in a relationship.”

Theo, conversely, was tired of Ty’s relationship double standards: On one hand, he claimed she’d get angry with him if he flirted with other girls. On the other, he noticed she, herself, had no reservations about flirting with second parties (particularly where professional soccer players were concerned).

“She’s friend-zoning me,” Theo lamented, seemingly defeated. “I feel like I’ve been valuing her, but that’s only from my perspective. I just want her to understand that I’m just doing things based on my own heart and my own feelings.”

Unfortunately, Tya didn’t understand, and when she’d finally had enough of hanging out on a limb alone, she took action. Without a second thought, she asked Mike to switch beds so that she could avoid the continued embarrassment of serving as Theo’s exclusively platonic roommate.

“This is like a divorce,” Tya said as she rearranged clothes and tossed bedding over the house’s balcony.

Still, Theo was not ready to give up on Tya, and even though he blew up at her for what he saw as an overdramatic production, he insisted her move was rooted in impulse that would eventually pass.

“That’s my boo,” he said. “I’m gonna love her forever."

Why do you think Theo and Tya haven’t been able to make headway in their relationship, and who’s to blame for things falling apart so intensely? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand new Real World episode next Wednesday night at 10/9c!