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Now More Than Ever, You Have No Excuse Not To Vote

Everything you need to exercise your rights on November 8

America has been asked to endure a lot since those fateful days in July when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were officially chosen as the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees. One candidate waged attacks related to emails and questionable donations, the other on allegations of sexual assault and possible treason. We laughed, we cried. (OK, we mostly cried.)

Now the struggle is almost over: The election is only six days away — presumably to be followed by a period of deep slumber and astonished reflection.

Almost over. But not quite. We still have to actually get up, go out, and vote — something at which millennials have historically been less than impressive. In 2008, millennial voter turnout peaked at 50 percent, followed by 46 percent in 2012, as opposed to the 69 percent of Boomers who voted in both elections, according to the Pew Research Center.

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And yet! Millenials are the largest generation, and we have the potential to be the largest block of voters. With about 69.2 million millennials now of voting age, we comprise about 31 percent of the voting-eligible population, according to the same Pew report.

And while this election has been deeply confusing, voting doesn’t have to be, thanks to MTV’s Elect This Polling Locator (you’re welcome!). Just enter your address, and thanks to a ton of data supplied by the Voting Information Project, you'll learn not only where to vote, but for whom and for what you’ll be voting, as well as other ways to take action. Because while cable news and Twitter may have convinced you otherwise, there are things and people to vote for in this election aside from the president, and other issues at stake — things that could make just as much, if not more, of an impact on your day-to-day life.

So next Tuesday, show up and defy the asinine stereotypes about millennial laziness and apathy. Do your part to save our country from certain destruction. Visit the polling locator, enter your address, go to your polling place, and make a difference.