Sweet/Vicious Premiere: Can Jules And Ophelia Get Away With Murder?

Plus, get insight on the show from its stars, creator and executive producer

That was some sweet revenge and vicious payback. And we're just getting started.

During tonight's action-packed Sweet/Vicious series premiere, Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) met under interesting circumstances and were unintentionally bound together because of murder. Yep, you read that right.

Here's a modified version of what happened: Jules, who is on a quest to take down abusive offenders in the name of justice (we later learned she's a survivor of sexual assault), was in the middle of a take-down at Darlington college. Enter Ophelia, who happened to be running away from campus police officer Barton because she got caught smoking weed -- and then saw the disguised sorority girl mid-fight.

Their story should have ended there, but it obviously didn't: Ophelia recovered Jules' necklace (which fell off in the heat of battle) at the scene and, when she returned the jewelry, Jules tried to shield her secret. But Jules' resistance to reveal the facts and her motivations only spiked Ophelia's curiosity. So Ophelia closely tracked Jules' whereabouts (did we forget to mention Ophelia is a hacker?) -- and when O followed J and witnessed her peer in a precarious altercation with notorious assault suspect Carter Fischer, Ophelia took matters into her own hands and accidentally killed the former star athlete with a wrench to the head.

Yeah, we would have puked too...

Understandably, there are a bunch of loose ends (like, where the hell is Ophelia's car with Carter's dead body?), but we're going to get insight into some of the developments from series stars Bennett and Dearden, as well as creator/executive producer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and executive producer Amanda Lasher. For starters, how will Carter's death shape the girls' connection as the series progresses?

"It creates the relationship. I'm not sure their paths would intertwine without it," Bennett recently revealed to MTV News. "It kicks off everything for them."

Dearden echoes her co-star's sentiments and adds, "They are truly the odd couple, so you need a force to bring opposites together."

But the murder wasn't the only WTF moment: Viewers learned that nice guy Nick, whom Jules flirted with quite a bit and awkwardly ran into post-Carter showdown, is RELATED to the aforementioned dead guy. Robinson, who also wrote the pilot, had the two connected since her very first draft.

"I love that stuff. I think it's what makes TV great, and I wanted this to be a comic-booky, Tarantino, twisty-turny, cool vibe," she explains. "And I thought, 'What would it mean if she kills the brother of the guy she met at a party?' As a consumer of this kind of story, I was just like, 'Done!' And I want to watch these characters wiggle out of this."

Adds Lasher: "It's so much fun as writers to write yourself into a corner, and Jenn wrote us into this corner. And when we write ourselves into corners, we have to come up with fun ways to get out of it."

But how will the gals escape this situation? Your guess is as good as ours -- so share your theories in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Sweet/Vicious every Tuesday at 10/9c!

If you need help, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673). To take action to help end sexual assault, head to sweet.lookdifferent.org.