Drinking Blood And Being Buried Alive: These Challenge Moments Give Us Shades Of Halloween


Halloween and The Challenge are two things you may not put in the same sentence -- but through the years, several incidents on the adrenaline reality program have resembled traditions and topics associated with All Hallows' Eve. And no, we don't mean a rousing rendition of "Monster Mash" with the contestants and host TJ Lavin (but that would be highly entertaining, no doubt).

In honor of the holiday, relive some frightening and disguise-filled incidents from the MTV staple -- and share your fave Halloween-themed moments from the series in the comments!

  • Haunted House from Cutthroat

    Abram tried to convince the gang that their Czech Republic abode was filled with ghosts -- but alas, it wasn't...

  • Slurping Blood from Battle of the Exes

    Drinking hemoglobin from a horn in Iceland wasn't easy on the tummy -- and the red residue made the finalists kinda resemble Dracula.

  • Costume Pahty from Free Agents

    No better way to unwind after a tough day of competition than breaking out the fun ensembles. Unsurprisingly, Bananas went as a banana...

  • More Plasma from Battle of the Bloodlines

    The soup is a German delicacy -- but the contestants could not stomach the treat (especially renowned picky eater Jenna).

  • Buried Alive from Rivals III

    Hanging out in a coffin underground ain't easy -- but relying on your partner (and you're paired up because you had beef) to get you out? Even more stressful.