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DNCE’s New Song ‘Blown’ Is About Exactly What You Think It’s About

Bow chicka wow wow

In case you missed the memo, Joe Jonas is all grown up now. He made that clear with his stripped-down Notion photo shoot, then with a series of TMI bombs, then with DNCE’s steamy “Body Moves” video. Now, Joe and Co. are continuing the ongoing, sexually charged narrative with DNCE’s new song, “Blown.”

The flirty and funky number features an old-school, almost Smash Mouth–esque groove and one hell of a fun chorus. Joe goes gaga over a hard-to-get girl who’s finally at his front door, while “Don’t Mind” rapper Kent Jones swoops in with a quirky verse that name-checks Keke Palmer and Stacey Dash. There’s also a line about “head while I’m drivin’,” in case you really didn’t know what Joe meant when he says his mind is “blown.”

“Blown” is the latest taste of DNCE’s upcoming self-titled album, which drops November 18. The LP also includes new single “Body Moves,” as well as three tracks from their SWAAY EP: “Toothbrush,” “Pay My Rent,” and, of course, “Cake by the Ocean.”