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Lady Gaga Swiped Her Hat And Trench From Carmen Sandiego's Closet

Yeah but where is Rockapella tho

She'll tour from Kiev to Carolina, but we're pretty sure Lady Gaga isn't stealing priceless artifacts despite her outfit being totally perfect for it.

Before her performance on Good Morning America Friday, Gaga was spotted rocking a head-to-toe bubblegum pink ensemble involving a massive hat and an ankle-grazing trench. If this outfit was blood red instead of a paler shade, she'd be the spitting image of the fictional thief who trotted the globe and pulled off insane heists on everyone's favorite edutainment series from the '80s.

(If you're 25 and over, we bet the theme song is stuck in your head just from reading her name. If you're younger, we're sorry in advance for bringing this a cappella earworm to your attention.)

Here's Gaga's full-on look:

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It's working for her, but for Michael Strahan? Not so much.