Alexander Koerner/Getty

Mischa Barton’s New TV Show Is Miles Away From The O.C.

Marissa Cooper hits the road without Ryan Atwood

The O.C.’s girl next door is returning to the small screen, and this time she’s driving far, far away from Newport. Mischa Barton cohosts a new reality TV series about taking road trips in various swanky cars. Rapper T-Pain, race car driver Brian Vickers, and fellow actor Oliver Trevena join her for Joyride, premiering November 15 on Esquire Network.

Each episode involves a celeb taking a lucky fan for a ride, and there will also be test-drive competitions among the hosts to figure out which vehicle is the coolest, most appropriate for a midlife crisis, and so on.

It’s a big change from Barton’s iconic role as Marissa Cooper. Check out the official trailer below, and keep your fingers crossed that Kevin Volchok (Cam Gigandet) doesn’t show up to crash these wheels, too. Poor Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) and O.C. fans are still recovering from Cooper’s fatal car accident in Season 3.