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The Beautiful People Of BeautyCon Tell Us Why They’re Voting

‘Because it matters!’

At Pier 36 in New York, BeautyCon2016 was a pretty and chaotic shelter from the rainy October weather. People from all over the country came in droves to meet their beauty icons, learn new beauty tips, and talk all things beautiful — a conference devoted to creating a new definition of beauty. MTV News was there to hear what these well-coiffed attendees had to say about the upcoming election, and we all agreed: Voting is its own kind of beautiful.

Below we've got BeautyCon guests such as Akilah Hughes, Brendan Jordan, Shan Boodram, Shaun Ross, Skai Jackson, and more, talking about why voting matters to them.

Make sure you’re registered to vote, and learn more about the 2016 election issues at ElectThis.

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