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7 Covers You Need To See From Kesha’s ‘Fuck The World’ Tour

From Nick Jonas’s ‘Jealous’ to Britney Spears‘s ‘Till The World Ends’

Just call Kesha the queen of unexpected covers.

After two dozen performances throughout North America and Asia, the singer wrapped up her Kesha and The Creepies: The Fuck the World Tour on Saturday (October 8) in China. It was Kesha’s first full tour since the start of her legal battle with Dr. Luke, and the setlist was packed with her biggest smash singles, including “Tik Tok,” “Die Young,” and “Your Love Is My Drug.”

Along with those familiar numbers, each show also boasted at least one surprise cover song that showed off Kesha’s impressive range. Check out seven of her best Fuck the World Tour covers below:

  1. Nick Jonas’s “Jealous”

    During her show in Shanghai last week, Kesha called this one her “favorite song of last year,” and gave it a stripped-down, coffee shop–appropriate makeover.

  2. Iggy Pop’s “Nightclubbing”

    Who knew Kesha’s voice could get this deep?! She really let loose with this cover, crawling around onstage and even stomping on a guitar with her foot.

  3. Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and “Old Flames”

    The Nashville songbird gave a double tribute to country icon Parton with these soulful covers.

  4. Britney Spears’s “‘Till The World Ends”

    Fun fact: Kesha actually wrote this song for Britney. Onstage, she said she “just about died” when she found out Brit was going to sing it, calling it “a really proud moment of my career.” Kesha’s rendition is much less club-friendly than Britney’s, but every bit as mesmerizing.

  5. Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released”

    After beautifully covering this tune back in May at Nashville’s Dylan Fest, Kesha resurrected it on tour.

  6. Eagles of Death Metal’s “Speaking in Tongues”

    In which Kesha takes over guitar duties, but not before pouring a bottle of water all over herself.

  7. Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me”

    This defiant tune is particularly relevant in light of Kesha’s ongoing legal situation, which she subtly referenced in a speech after the performance. “No one can ever own any of you, no matter what they say, no matter what they do. No one can fucking own you,” she told the roaring crowd. “Because to truly own you means that they own your happiness. No one can ever fucking own your happiness. Promise me you will never let them take that from you!”