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How Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Compares To DC Rebirth’s Version

Writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti also tease 'Harley Quinn' No. 6 at NYCC

DC Comics' Rebirth series for various heroes, antiheroes, and villains is well under way, and several of the writers attended New York Comic Con over the weekend to talk about what's to come for the likes of Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, The Flash, and more. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, who co-write Harley Quinn tales, admitted going from Harley Quinn No. 30 to Rebirth's Harley Quinn No. 1 didn't feel like a huge leap. It was actually a pretty seamless transition.

"Nothing really changed for us," Palmiotti said, "because Issue 30 and Issue 1 was pretty much to us Issue 31. So, we didn’t have to give birth, we didn’t have to rebirth." Laughing, Conner interjected with, "There's no afterbirth," playing on Harley Quinn No. 1's title. The duo explained how they enjoyed getting to retell Harley's origin, just in case that book was a fan's first foray into the psychotic mind that is Harley Quinn.

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When asked if they saw their Harley in Margot Robbie's Suicide Squad performance, both quickly nodded yes, providing two examples from the movie they felt encompassed their creation.

"When she broke the window to take the bag just randomly," Palmiotti explained, "and I'm like, 'Oh that's very much what we did.'" He also noted how Suicide Squad's Harley would just stop and talk to herself, or undress in front of everyone, completely oblivious people were staring at her until minutes later. Moreover, Conner described Robbie's Harley as "a bit of a clown," which perfectly coincided with her and Palmiotti's vision.

The husband and wife team later teased what's to come in No. 6. Comic book artist Jill Thompson, who's worked on covers for Wonder Woman, Batman, and more, will be providing her expertise on this new issue. Palmiotti shared there's an important flashback sequence featuring Dr. Harleen Quinzel's — who Harley Quinn was before she turned to the dark side — earlier encounter with the Joker.

Thompson worked on four pages with watercolors, telling the dastardly duo's story. "It’s sort of like the dialogue when they first met. It’s a great flashback scene because it actually has a lot to do with the story line we’re running," Palmiotti said during the panel. "But we’re happy to get Jill to do it. She’s fantastic." Honestly, we can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans Harley gets into next. Based on her track record, it's gonna be insane.

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Harley Quinn No. 6 is on sale October 19, 2016.