How Would Teen Mom OG Maci Describe Bentley's Bond With His Grandparents?

Ryan's parents Jen and Larry are prominently featured on the long-running series

Ever since Maci became a teen mom, Ryan's folks Jen and Larry have played a major role in Bentley's life. So how would the mother of three describe the bond her firstborn shares with his grandparents?

"It's a very close relationship," Maci reveals in the clip above. "He looks to Jen and Larry as his second set of parents and looks to them for advice and a different point of view."

But having the two in his corner means that sometimes Benny is able to get away with things that would not typically fly with his mom. To hear Maci open up about this "win-win" situation for her little guy, watch the video. And be sure to keep tuning in to Teen Mom OG on Mondays at 9/8c to see if Ryan can work out his differences with his dad after a non-televised incident which unfolded during this week's episode.