Real World Bombshells: Which Housemate Is In For The Biggest Surprise?

Every 'Bad Blood' roomie will have a confrontation -- and some could be nuclear

Make no mistake — blood will be spilled when this season’s Real World housemates are each forced to confront an enemy from his or her past. But which surprises will be mere headaches, and which will amount to outright battles? We got some pretty good clues on this week's two-part premiere of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood.

Almost immediately after moving into Season 32’s beautiful Capitol Hill pad, the latest crop of seven strangers began opening up about their lives, pre-camera. Sure, they wanted to start clean, but each proved to still have one foot firmly planted in former lives. Perhaps most open about a strained pre-Real World relationship was Katrina, the 23-year-old who spoke to a love/hate relationship with her sister Anna. Katrina pointed out her family is steeped in a cycle of dysfunction and noted, “We can't let go of the past.” Fights have gotten so explosive between the sisters that police were once called to intervene, and Katrina briefly alluded to once accidentally kissing a man whom Anna claimed had raped her.

Also experienced in family dysfunction is Theo, whose “Bad Blood” story centers on his cousin Kassius. Theo, who was bound for football greatness, recalled inviting Kassius to stay with him in his college dorm. Theo said that one day, he returned to cops searching his room, and when authorities found what Theo said was Kassius’ stash, Theo was blamed, arrested and stripped of his free-ride scholarship.

And from friends to (ex-) lovers comes the case of Anika and her previous boyfriend Will. The couple dated for three years, during which time Anika found herself annoyed that Will was so submissive. Add some mutual jealousy issues and it’s no surprise that both still harbor resentments, though they’ve been broken up for some time. Anika told her father on a phone call that “people’s enemies might come,” and it sounds like she’ll soon see her fears validated.

Robbie, too, will have to confront troubles with love he thought he’d left behind. His blowup with Mike will seem like a cakewalk compared to the eventual arrival of his ex Jennifer. The couple met one night while Robbie was DJing, and though they eventually dated for eight months, they struggled to contend with Robbie’s jealousy. For awhile during the couple’s relationship, Jennifer could go out legally while Robbie — still a minor — could not. This ultimately led to huge distrust issues and a breakup that resulted in mutually blocked numbers and social media accounts. The ex-couple’s last contact involved Robbie sending a video to Jennifer -- in it, Robbie was burning things he’d bought for her.

And from lovers to friends comes the case of Jordan and Orlana. Once Jordan’s biggest fan, Orlana grew tired of Jordan’s increasingly wild ways, and their strain climaxed when a video of Orlana’s crush popped up on Jordan’s social media accounts. Orlana accused Jordan of becoming selfish and superficial, Jordan accused Orlana of letting jealousy eclipse her rationality and now, the girls’ relationship is on the rocks. Still, their bond was once rock-solid, and even their families are urging them to bury the hatchet.

Former Are You The One? contestant Mike hasn’t only struggled with love — his friendship with former bestie Peter recently came apart at the seams. Mike claims Peter broke the “no girlfriends” rule once the guys moved in together. Then when Peter and his girlfriend broke up, Peter blamed Mike for serving as an obstruction, and in protest of the accusation, Mike withheld $2,000 he owed Peter. Peter has since called Mike “the worst roommate [he’s] ever had.”

And from friends to unmistakable enemies comes the case of Tyara and Kimberly, between whom there’s been no love lost. The former high school classmates were at each other’s throats through their teen years over social media, and Tyara claims Kimberly was on a mission to humiliate her whenever possible. Perhaps more damaging: Tyara dated Kimberly’s ex in the thick of their conflict, and each is waiting for any chance to take down her adversary.

So, all this noted, which housemate do you think has the worst shock ahead? Who might have less of a struggle? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Real World episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!