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Chrissy Teigen Has Been Breaking The Law In Rihanna's Name

Girl, wyd?

Why is Chrissy Teigen the best celebrity? Because she admits to committing a crime, despite not even realizing she was breaking the law, on national television. The Lip Sync Battle star and new mom stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and accidentally copped to a major no-no when she told host Ellen DeGeneres she's been opening Rihanna's mail.

Teigen had access to Rihanna's mail because she now lives in the singer's house (along with husband John Legend and new baby Luna), which means she receives Rihanna's letters from time to time. After DeGeneres told Teigen that's an illegal act, Teigen was hilariously confused, asking, "Really? But it's my house now?"

Trust me, Chrissy. I just asked my dad, a retired federal agent for the United States Postal Service, and he listed off a bunch of jargon about what titles, U.S. codes, and sections it violates. Girl, quit opening other people's mail!

Later during the interview, Teigen also discussed her activism about getting young people to register to vote during this heated election. Check out the hysterical clip above.