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Kim Kardashian Pretty Much Can’t Wear Underwear With This Outfit

This dress is completely see-through

Kim Kardashian has arrived in Paris, folks. The click-clack of stilettos on the cobblestones of the City of Lights have beckoned, and after a disgusting altercation with the same dude who attacked Gigi Hadid in Milan last week, Kim has hit her first Paris Fashion Week front row of the season at Balmain. And what did she choose to wear for her grand entrance? A barely-there, fully net dress and longline cardigan combination that defies all laws of physics and underwear.

She looks like a beautiful high-fashion mermaid, freshly caught in a fishman's net, but exactly what uhh... what kind of undergarments can you wear with this sort of outfit? Is she even wearing any? Can we get a closer look? I just like to learn, OK????

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

So, there's definitely an underwired bra situation up top. It's not clear whether the halter neck connects or if it's attached to the dress (which would be GENIUS). Regardless, it's doing its job, and that's all that matters.

As for the bottom half, I'll be honest, I've zoomed in on this photo to, like, 6,000 percent, and I don't see one bit of underwear here. ALSO, Kim divulged on her Snapchat story that "today's challenge was underwear or no underwear." SO! All signs point to Kim went commando in this Olivier Rousteing joint and is definitely probably maybe not wearing underwear. In a completely see-through dress. Out in public. When there are a billion photographers roaming the streets.

Never say this woman isn't brave.