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Kim Kardashian Teases ‘Exciting,’ Makeup-Related Things

Buried in the middle of a 10-minute tutorial

Kim Kardashian gets her makeup done so frequently that it's hard to imagine she ever personally slathers products on her own face, but thanks to a new video, we can confirm that yes, she knows her way around a good brush.

Kim recently live-streamed her routine before heading to the Saint Pablo show in Toronto (available to watch on her app). Though there's a lot to take in from the 10-minute clip — she starts her contour in her highly lasered hairline, FYI — but about halfway through she begins to explain how to cop ~the perfect under-eye white~ look and abruptly stops.

"I put a little bit of highlighter," she begins. "Or, I'm not gonna tell you guys because I have some exciting things coming out." Then she leaves us hanging. She doesn't ID the highlighter, as she does with every other product, nor does she really explain her application.

So, uh, is Kim throwing her hat into the makeup rodeo, à la Kylie? Was she just referring to upcoming makeup tutorials, which are informative but not nearly as exciting?

A lot of questions remain, but one thing is for sure: Kim knows her way around an eyebrow pencil.