Britney Spears Drops An Alternate ‘Make Me’ Video, But It’s Still Not The One Fans Want

Now she’s just trolling us

To say that the “Make Me” video is a sore subject for Britney Spears fans is putting it lightly.

The official clip — you know, the one where a parade of beefcake dudes audition for lip balm–loving Brit — dropped in August, but it wasn’t the David LaChapelle–directed version they had expected. That mysterious clip was leaked in part by TMZ and was reportedly scrapped for being too sexual (even though the consensus among fans is that it looked amazing). How rude.

Anyway, the Glory queen has come through with a consolation prize of sorts by debuting an “exclusive, special” new “Make Me” vid on her American Dream mobile app. No, it’s not the long-lost version fans are clamoring to see, but it’s still ~something sensational~.

This one removes all the cheesy audition scenes, packs in more footage of her hair-whipping down corridors in soft light, and even throws in some fun purple glow to brighten it up. There’s not a single beefcake in sight, though G-Eazy does reappear to unbutton his Hawaiian shirt for us again. Oh, goody.

Fans who have American Dream can see the video inside the app, or via a YouTube fan upload below.