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Pauly D Is Battling Zombies In Epic New Horror Flick

Find out why the DJ is 'honored' to be a part of 'Spring Break Zombie Massacre,' plus get to know the film's masterminds

Jenni "JWOWW" Farley isn't the only Jersey Shore star to hit up the horror movie genre.

DJ Pauly D was recently tapped to make an appearance in what may be the most epic teen zombie movie ever. The brainchild of Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt, two 20-year-old best friends with Down syndrome, Spring Break Zombie Massacre tells the hilarious tale of two dudes who save the world from zombies on prom night.

With funds raised through a two-part Kickstarter campaign, the Rhode Island natives wrote and starred in the film thanks to the help of Sam's older brother Jesse.

Pauly D — a personal hero of Mattie's — appears in the film's finale and says, "I am so impressed with Sam and Mattie. I am honored to be a part of such a special project."

Ridiculousness host and Fantasy Factory star Rob Dyrdek also made a cameo during pre-production and gave the boys career advice.

Sam and Mattie have since brushed elbows with Conan O'Brien and been invited to film festivals across the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Watch their film's trailer below, and read on for the duo's take on all things zombies, Pauly D and tree ninjas:

How did you land Pauly D and Rob in your film? What did it mean to you to have them make cameos?

Mattie: l didn't think Pauly D was gonna do it, but he actually made it! When I met Pauly D, it was awesome. He's a nice guy and really cool — we even message on Facebook!

Sam: Rob let me drive a go-kart, but I broke it accidentally. The Fantasy Factory, especially the foam pit, was awesome. He's like a ginger version of me. He gave me some really good advice: He said to follow your dreams, and live life off the edge. Meeting him was amazing. I'm inspired by him every day -- to skateboard and ride go-karts and motorcycles.

What do you want people to know about Spring Break Zombie Massacre?

Sam: I want them to know [the movie] is a message to the youth and a rallying cry about personal and political issues. Drugs will affect your life; they can make you act like someone you're not. Kids, stay in school.

Mattie: And don't drink too much, don't do drugs and don't do anything stupid — except killing zombies.

When did you two become friends, and how would you describe your relationship?

Mattie: Our relationship is like more than friends -- we're bros.

Sam: We were friends since 9 or 10 years old. Our relationship is fun, party-like, and we live live life off the edge. Like bikers.

Are you surprised your story and film has generated so much attention?

Sam: Yes, I am. It's shocked me. I never thought I'd make a movie; I've been told I can't do this or can't do that, but we're proving with the movie that we can and we will. I'm having bully problems right now; I've been bullied all my life about my body, my hair, my sexuality — this movie is showing people that I'm more than a confused boy.

Mattie: There's a lot of pressure when you're famous and have a disability. It's hard to get to know a lot of people who are outside of your family who you don't know very well.

Sam: You can sniff out the people that suck. Mattie is a straight-up dude. What he says is what he does.

What’s next for you two? Any more films in the works?

Mattie: There's gonna be a sequel, and there's gonna be time traveling. There's gonna be a lot of drama — I'm evil, and then I do something good.

Sam: The sequel will be based on a tragedy. It'll be like a time-travel war movie. Like Narnia mixed with Minutemen mixed with Hercules mixed with Mad Max. There will be zom-pire horses and androids and gladiators.

Mattie: And flying monkeys.

Sam: And tree ninjas.

Check out Sam and Mattie's Facebook page to see when Spring Break Zombie Massacre might be coming to YOUR city!