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Bill Murray Is Brooklyn’s Best (And Worst) Bartender Ever

No *YOU’RE* jealous of the lucky drinkers who got to do shots with Murray last night

Everyone's got that buddy, the one who insists that she stepped into an elevator one time, realized she was standing next to Bill Murray, rode to whatever floor in silence, and then the doors opened, only for Murray to hug her and say, "And no one will ever believe you."

Now there's a bunch of people in Brooklyn who have another buddy boasting of a Bill Murray run-in, except this story won't be urban legend. Murray did, in fact, pour a bunch of drinks in the NYC borough on September 16. He poured himself plenty of drinks, too.

Murray was in town to celebrate the opening of 21 Greenpoint, the new bar owned by his son Homer, and he helped out with the festivities by joining the staff behind the bar for the evening.

Before word spread and the place was packed with people hoping to get a shot poured by Steve Zissou himself, Murray was serving tequila, which was apparently supplied by George Clooney (?!). And then he was serving vodka. And then he was pouring All Of The Things.

He had a couple rounds himself and clearly didn't enjoy the music or the revelry one bit. It's safe to say that Murray was the life of 21 Greenpoint's first birthday party, and that bartenders in NYC and beyond now have a great example of how not to drink on the job, thanks to their favorite funnyman.