Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Taylor Swift Made A Sweet Victory Even Sweeter For Grace VanderWaal

You’d lose it too, if a huge bouquet from a massive pop star showed up in your hotel room

Grace VanderWaal was already having a really, really great Friday thanks to her huge America's Got Talent win, but a special delivery from her famous sorta-twin kicked the ZOMG levels up a notch.

Shortly after it was announced that VanderWaal — whom Simon Cowell dubbed "the next Taylor Swift" just a few weeks ago — was the winner of the talent competition's 11th season, she shared a video of her receiving a bouquet of flowers from Taylor herself.

One glance at the card that came with the blooms and VanderWaal is in total freak-out mode: She's short of breath and utterly surprised, and then the shock subsides in time for her to lose whatever chill she had in a fit of joy. (Taylor retweeted VanderWaal's vid, too.)

"Words can not explain how honored I am for this.. thank. You. SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!" she tweeted. Who needs words when you can just jump up and down and scream to thoroughly convey your feelings?!

Congrats to the "Clay" singer on a job well done and the start of an exciting new chapter in her just-gettin'-started career.