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Katy Perry Hasn’t Totally Ruled Out A Taylor Swift Collaboration

But Taylor might be busy with another high-profile collaborator

Is it too late for Taylor Swift to say “sorry” to Katy Perry? Katy doesn’t think so.

On Saturday (September 10), Perry went on an @-reply spree with her fans on Twitter. One enterprising follower got up the nerve to ask the singer if she’d ever consider collaborating with Taylor — and surprisingly enough, Katy said she would on one condition.

There you have it: We’re one word of apology away from that Katy/Taylor duet we’ve always dreamed of. Who knew all that bad blood would be so easy to mop up?

Of course, it’s never quite that simple. Taylor might be back in the studio these days, but it seems like she may have already chosen a very different collaborator to join her.

Yesterday (September 11), Kesha posted a selfie with an enigmatic caption: “Making a FUCK OFF song with a casual Grammy award winning secret person,” she wrote.

Who could she be talking about? Can you think of anyone who enjoys making fuck-off songs and winning Grammys?

We’re coming up empty, too.