This Is What First Day Of School Outfits Look Like Across The Country

Style inspo even if you're not heading back to any campus

Picking out an outfit for your first day of school, no matter the level, is daunting. There's weather to deal with, comfort to consider, and, of course, a deep, yearning desire to make a great first impression.

Thankfully, the Style Gurus at CollegeFashionista make dressing for your first day — and, honestly, all others — look easy. Here are their back-to-school outfits to help guide you, inspire you, and make sure your school year is as 💅 as possible.

Ann Marie Elaban


School: Kent State University

Why This Outfit: When it comes to back-to-school style, I always like to keep it simple. I love this look because it is effortless and comfortable, which is what we all need during our first week of classes. Easy black jeans and a button-down shirt in a cool print should be essentials in any college girl's wardrobe. They're so versatile and easy to style!

Kenia Viezcas


School: Miami University of Ohio

Why This Outfit: In between class, work at the marketing office, Fashion Club meetings, and late nights out, this outfit does it all! Just switch out for some flats to make it casual or add some black skinnies when it gets cool out.

Briana Iacia


School: Pace University

Why This Outfit: For school, I like to keep my outfits pretty basic and let the details do the talking. I love this particular look because it's essentially a button-up and jeans, but the frayed hems, off-the-shoulder style, and layered necklaces keep it interesting and trendy.

Carlita Kelly


School: Roosevelt University

Why This Outfit: I'm all about a good Canadian Tuxedo. It's the easiest thing to throw on when I'm on the go. It's so effortless, yet chic!

Caroline Dilone


School: The New School

Why This Outfit: For the first day of school, I like to make a fun impression by mixing prints. I aim for an outfit that is both comfortable and chic, the ideal combination.

Cece Giglio


School: The Fashion Institute of Technology

Why This Outfit: My favorite back-to-school look is something that expresses your unique style, while still remaining totally comfortable. An oversize t-shirt, some denim and a pair of sneakers are my staple pieces for the start of a new school year.

Eliza Huber


School: University of Iowa

Why This Outfit: I love how simple it is. Getting ready in the morning — especially with early classes — shouldn't be stressful. This look is comfortable enough for long lectures but also on trend. Plus, I just got these shoes after months of contemplation and I'm insanely excited about them.

Laurise McMillian


School: University of Baltimore

Why This Outfit: It's cute and really comfortable. Plus, the pants are bound to be a conversation starter on the first day of class!

Kelsey Baska


School: University of Kansas

Why This Outfit: This look is my favorite back-to-school outfit because it features two of my favorite things: overalls and high-top sneakers. I walk to class most days, so whatever shoes I wear need to be comfortable! Try pairing your favorite tennis shoes with a dress for a cool look that's feminine and unexpected.

Ana Teran


School: University of Florida

Why This Outfit: For back to school, outfits should be comfortable, but also make you feel confident. With this business-style-inspired outfit, I am able to feel weather appropriate and at the same time look very put-together. These black culottes are the most comfortable pair of pants I own; If I could, I would wear them every single day. Lately, I've been loving button-down shirts. I decided to tie the one I am wearing at the bottom to add detail and a casual feel.

Penda Starr


School: University of Toronto

Why This Outfit: This is my favorite back-to-school outfit because it's quite simple and comfortable as well. Days on campus are busy, so it's important for me to be able to move around freely while still looking stylish!

Lyndsay Rinere


School: Salve Regina University

Why This Outfit: I love this look because it's comfortable enough to walk around campus in but also very fashionable. Velvet is a huge trend for fall this year, so I am trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe as much as possible. I love this dress because it looks good with any shoe, whether it's Chelsea boots or sneakers — and it looks great with a leather jacket!

Mandisa Shields


School: Syracuse University

Why This Outfit: Denim is the ultimate classic. I love that I'm able to take this look and add my own twist to it.

Megan Sharp


School: Pace University

Why This Outfit: I'm all about comfort when it comes to school, so finding a cute and comfy look is my No. 1 goal when I'm getting ready for my classes. I like wearing simple pieces that I can add accessories to; it makes choosing my outfits more fun!

Melaney Rodriguez


School: Rutgers University

Why This Outfit: I love this look because it's the perfect combination of super chic and comfortable! It's so important to me to look in style, while at the same time wearing something that is durable for busy school days.

Patricia Cacho


School: California State University, Long Beach

Why This Outfit: The most important thing I always incorporate in a back-to-school outfit is comfort and confidence. This is the type of look that I would say best represents my personal style. It's chic, but the Converse and the choker also add a little more edge to it. With any cute outfit, I can conquer anything throughout the semester!

Valerie Cammack


School: Kent State University, Florence Campus

Why This Outfit: This semester, my campus is the gorgeous city of Florence, Italy! So, outfits like this are very essential to me. I love to pair statement pieces with basics. This helps me to create bold outfits that are practical and chic for walking on the cobblestone streets of Italy.