The Ellen Show

Katy Perry And Orlando Survivor Tony Marrero Cry All Over Each Other On Ellen

Tony used Katy's music to heal after the attack, so she paid him a surprise visit

It's been almost three months since a gunman claimed 49 lives at a gay nightclub in Orlando, but the survivors of the Pulse attack are still healing.

One survivor, Tony Marrero, has found comfort in music ever since the attack left him physically and emotionally traumatized. Tony told his story last month on MTV's True Life: We Are Orlando, and now he's back on TV to meet one of the artists who helped him through his recovery.

After interviewing Tony on The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres brought out Katy Perry, whose new single "Rise" inspired Tony to move forward after his release from the hospital.

Tony was totally taken by surprise at the unexpected meet-up, and both he and Katy immediately burst into tears. "We're both electrified by each other!" said Katy once they'd stopped crying long enough to talk to each other.

"Your lyrics to that song helped me the day that I was in the hospital all the way to now," Tony said. "I'm happy I could be there in my own little way to help you," Katy replied.

Since Tony is a creative soul himself, Katy wanted to help him chase down his own dreams. "I personally want to pay for your first year of film school," she said.

All things considered, getting to cry all over Katy Perry on national TV is hardly the worst way to start a film career.