Challenge Alliance: These Fresh Meat Alums Just Reunited

The champs spent some QT together in Montana

Cara Maria Sorbello and Evelyn Smith were never on the same Challenge team (only opponents), but the Fresh Meat standouts forged a great bond outside of the unique game. Case in point: The Battle of the Bloodlines victor just spent some QT with the four-time No. 1 finisher.

"Evelyn. Love this girl," Cara Maria captioned the Instagram image above of the most decorated female Challenge gold medalist. "She doesn't need to make alliances or follow the crowd to win. She is tough enough on her own. That's what I respect. She met My horse and enjoyed some cowgirl Montana life. The champ was here."

While the two haven't appeared together since Evelyn and her teammate Paula defeated CM and her partner Laurel during the inaugural Rivals season, it sure is good to see these two back together enjoying life beyond the reality series. For old times sake, check out this retro Rivals clip of the duo competing against each other in the final!