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Beyoncé And Rihanna Are Katy Perry’s Social Media Role Models

And the internet is something she rides like a ‘fucking cowboy,’ sooo

Beyoncé and Rihanna are #goals for, well, pretty much everyone interested in living their best lives — but they're also great influences for one of their fellow pop stars when it comes to Instagram inspiration.

In a recent, extensive interview with Women's Wear Daily, Katy Perry talks business on the fashion front, and she sings the praises of Bey and RiRi when the topic turns to the internet and social media.

“Who do I admire? Probably who I’m following on Instagram," she tells the fashion trade. "I think Rihanna has done it well. She has such a great eye and ear, and she definitely has that foresight. Her relationships with Puma and Dior and whatever is coming next feels like she’s a pusher of her industry. With Beyoncé and Rihanna it’s very obvious they know what they are doing and you can see that they are micromanaging as well. They are multitaskers."

She goes on to get philosophical about the overwhelming beast that is the internet, and how addicting it can be to see those likes rack up on whatever you post. “It’s weird being the person that has the most followers," she says, going on to compare the whole thing to "riding it like a fucking cowboy at a rodeo."

"In the beginning you’re, like, ‘I have this ambition and no one can tell me no,’ and you get it, right? Then there’s this period where everyone has a say, and then the whole world has a say. Everyone’s talking, everyone’s chatting, then you’re like, ‘Whoa, shit. Did I start these conversations or am I part of the convo or what is this?’ So it does like seep into a slow drip, and at a certain point if you don’t cut it off it will eat you alive. Or you cut if off and you get it back. I am no longer hanging on to the rocket and riding for dear life. I’m standing and surfing the rocket. I got on top of it.”

And she can do it in the heels she designed herself.