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Darren Criss Is Still A Teenage Dream In This Glee Reunion Pic

It was a family reunion

Warm up those singing voices: You'll need them after witnessing the mini Glee reunion that went down in New York City on Tuesday (September 6). Three of the show's stars reconnected at the Sully premiere at Lincoln Center — which is only fitting, since the show filmed in that area once upon a time.

Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) shared a cute pic on Twitter of himself and former co-stars Mike O'Malley (Burt Hummel) and Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson). It was a precious family reunion, since Criss and O'Malley were in-laws on the show, while Criss and Adler's characters dated.

Both O'Malley and Adler are in Sully, but Criss tweeted he "saw four @GLEEonFOX alums in it. Count 'em. FOUR. Pretty rad." Since Criss isn't actually in the movie, fans were confused about who the other two Glee actors were. Thankfully, @Carol_Mitchell5 knew the answer: Valerie Mahaffey (Rose Pillsbury) and Christopher Curry (Gunther). And if you want to get really technical, Katie Couric — who played herself on an early episode of Glee — also plays herself in Sully.