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Who Needs A Time Machine When You Can Watch This Legends Of Tomorrow Supercut Instead?

Buckle up: We're revisiting all of the DC show's most insane temporal adventures

Last season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow left Rip Hunter and his team of super heroes and villains scattered throughout space and time, but as we know, that's a pretty regular occurrence on the DC TV series.

From a trip to Star City's dystopian future in 2046 to a journey to the past in 1950s Oregon, Rip and the team put a lot of miles on the Waverider in an effort to stop Vandal Savage. But it hasn't always been easy. After all, every detour through the timeline can lead to potentially catastrophic consequences for the present. (No pressure or anything.)

That being said, no show does time travel quite like Legends of Tomorrow. So let's hop in our gigantic time travel ship and revisit all of Season 1's most insane temporal adventures with this exclusive MTV News supercut:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is available on DVD and Blu-Ray today, August 23.