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Justin Bieber Comforted Strangers With A Random Act Of (Last Call) Kindness

The pop star took it upon himself to do a solid by some strangers at a Cali bar

Justin Bieber hasn’t had the easiest week, but that didn’t stop him from doing his best to make someone else’s hard go of it a little easier.

Bieber was having a drink at Residuals Tavern, a watering hole in Studio City, California, when he heard from the bartender that a group of friends a few feet away was having a really rough time. They had just found out that a dear friend of theirs had passed away, and did what plenty of people do when coping with difficult news: They went to their favorite bar to toast the dearly departed and be together in a difficult moment.

Feeling for the group of grieving friends, Bieber did what he could: He picked up their whole bill, which amounted to a few hundred bucks.

Good on you, Biebs, for going out of your way to make someone’s cloudy day a little brighter.