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Is Drake Getting Ready To Drop A Short Film?

Something called ‘Please Forgive Me’ is on the way

Drake still hasn’t released any music videos from Views — no, “Hotline Bling” doesn't count and, yes, he reportedly shot a video for “One Dance” that we still haven’t seen — but there may be something on the way to make up for it.

Early Monday (August 15), he posted a couple screenshots on Instagram of what appeared to be a film, with the caption, “‘PLEASE FORGIVE ME’ featuring music from the album Views COMING SOON.”

This wouldn’t be his first album-related short film if, indeed, that’s what “Please Forgive Me” is. Back in February 2015, the day before dropping If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, he released the 15-minute piece “Jungle.”

It looks like we’ll get to see how “Please Forgive Me” compares soon.