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7 Reasons Taylor Swift Needs To Get On Snapchat Already

🎶 It's a Snap Story, baby just say yes 🎶

Taylor Swift may no longer be the most-followed queen on Instagram — that honor goes to BFF Selena Gomez — but she's still a major social media star. And yet, there's one major app missing from her otherwise top-notch social game: Snapchat.

Yep, for whatever reason, Tay isn't into snapping puppy ears and flower crowns to her millions of fans. Here are some highly convincing reasons why she should change her mind.

  1. Her cats are models.

    Seriously, have you ever seen more photogenic felines? Sure, sometimes Olivia Benson sits like a human, but she and Meredith are both perfection. The occasional Instagram pic isn't enough. Give the people what they want: 24-hour insight into their glamorous lives as celebrity pets!

  2. She's always around animals.

    Besides her cats, Taylor is often in the presence of animals — from her mom's dog Kitty to rude sheep to kangaroos. They flock to her like she's Snow White or something, IDK. Whatever the case, it is a universally agreed upon truth that animals are the best part of Snapchat and social media in general.

  3. Her Instagram Stories are on point.

    Taylor is a fan of Instagram's new Stories feature, which is super similar to Snapchat Stories. Why not use both?

    *Hannah Montana's "Best of Both Worlds" plays quietly in the distance*

  4. She's already mastered everything else.

    Twitter? Check. Instagram? Check. Tumblr? C'mon, the girl wore a "no its becky" t-shirt. She knows her fans AND her memes. It's time to conquer a new platform.

  5. She loves to lip-synch.

    The best home for lip-synching videos (like this ode to Shawn Mendes) is Snapchat, hands down. Unless Tay and her squad are planning an elaborate YouTube lip dub video, impromptu sing-offs belong in ten-second snippets.

  6. Her family isn't shy around cameras.

    Sometimes it's easy to forget stars had a totally normal life before fame knocked on their doors. Seeing celeb families in their uncensored element on Snapchat is a great reminder that everyone – even someone with ten Grammys — came from somewhere.

  7. She's living her best life.

    Let's be real here. Whose Snapchat Story would you rather watch: the friend of a friend who's snapping his third hour of Netflix OR the megastar who's snapping from a water slide with Karlie Kloss? Don't lie to yourself.