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Will These Hills Alums Allow Their Kids To Watch The Series?

Brody Jenner and Whitney Port have similar views on this topic

Even though the Hills story has already been written, the interactions between the cast members forever remain — thanks to the cameras catching so many memorable incidents. Can’t take it back if it’s recorded ...

So will the next generation (a.k.a. the MTV alums’ eventual children) be allowed to watch their parents navigate their early twenties on the MTV series? Well, Brody Jenner, Whitney Port, Heidi Montag, and Stephanie Pratt — who you can watch dish “100 Things About ‘The Hills’” beginning on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. during a special Hills marathon before Lauren Conrad’s The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special — had a few thoughts on this very subject.

“I would definitely let them watch The Hills,” the engaged former ladies’ man recently revealed to MTV, as seen in the video above. “It was pretty PG-13 — there's nothing too risqué,” he explained, before adding that there was an incident that would not be kid-friendly if it had made the final cut of the show (we’ll allow him to describe that one).

Meanwhile, the fashion designer and Mrs. Spencer Pratt have similar views on this topic, while the Made in Chelsea star really wants to steer her future offspring clear of one certain episode.

Can you guess which installment makes Stephanie feel this way? View the clip to find out, and be sure to catch the foursome beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday — then catch Lauren at 9/8c. In the meantime, peep a sneak peek at The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now below!